Writers of the Future XXVI

The best new science fiction and fantasy stories and illustrations of the year, discovered by the judges of the Writers & Illustrators of the Future Contest.

With essays on writing & illustration by L. Ron Hubbard, Dean Wesley Smith, and Stephen Youll. Edited by K. D. Wentworth.

Introduction, by K.D. Wentworth

Living Rooms, by Laurie TomIllustrated by Irena Kovalenko

The Black Side of Memory, by Lael SalaetsIllustrated by Ven Locklear

Lisa With Child, by Alex BlackIllustrated by Tyler Carter

The Golden Pen, by L. Ron Hubbard

Not in the Flesh, by Adam ColstonIllustrated by Jordan Cornthwaite

Seeing Double, by Tom Crosshill • Illustrated by Olivia Pelaez

Exanastasis, by Brad R. Torgersen • Illustrated by Jingxuan Hu

Standing Up, by Dean Wesley Smith

Poison Inside the Walls, by Scott W. Baker • Illustrated by Kelsey Wroten

Confliction, by Simon Cooper • Illustrated by Cassandra Shaffer

Digital Rights, by Brent Knowles • Illustrated by Rebecca Gleason

Advice to Illustrators Getting into the Field, by Stephen Youll

Coward’s Steel, by K.C. Ball • Illustrated by R. M. Winch

Written in Light, by Jeff Young • Illustrated by Rachael Jade Sweeney

The House of Nameless, by Jason Fischer • Illustrated by Seth J. Rowanwood


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